Our Partners

The firm offers portfolio management services through four registered investment advisors. These relationships have been developed to allow other registered representatives the opportunity to use our investment strategies to meet client expectations. Investment advisors can utilize one or more of our investment strategies depending on his or her evaluation of client needs.

These strategies are available on Envestnet, Folio, TD Ameritrade Institutional and Vestmark. Additionally, they have Morningstar database IDs that are on the individual Fact Sheets updated quarterly.

Investment strategy is communicated through the design and implementation of model portfolios that are continually updated. These strategies are outlined below.

Our Strategies

Target Return Portfolios

Our institutional partners can take advantage of our target return portfolios of indexed exchange-traded funds whose active asset allocation and low fund expense ratios offer the opportunity for clients to experience long-term returns that can exceed the returns of a single index.

The target return concept is a systematic strategy of weighting selected index funds to produce a long-term target return. This approach is ideal for investment advisor representatives who design portfolios for clients who have different or changing investment objectives.

As opposed to a target date fund that sets some future date as being meaningful to a client’s ability to save, the target return approach provides a starting point in the form of a base rate of return expectation that can be used to structure an initial savings plan when the representative has sufficient information on current savings, future savings, and a target nest egg. This strategy also allows for the ongoing management of return expectations for clients and allows for a personal approach to designing separate plans for each individual client.

Growth Equity Portfolio

For investment advisor representatives who can meet client expectations through actively managed portfolios of individual stocks, the growth equity portfolio is a good option.

This portfolio is structured along the lines of the portfolios of the firm’s principals who believe that maximum portfolio returns can be achieved through a diversified portfolio of individual growth companies. While such a portfolio will be subject to greater short-term volatility, the experience of using this approach since 1994 has produced well above-average returns for the firm’s principals and clientele.

Our experience with high net worth clients who are knowledgeable about financial markets shows that they prefer this individualized management approach instead of achieving market results through holding large pooled investment accounts.

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