Quarterly Review

A timely review of global financial markets that can influence the structure of client portfolios.

Fourth Quarter 2017: A Look Back and A Look Ahead

Third Quarter 2017: The Benefits of Stability

Second Quarter 2017: Growth in The Slow Lane

First Quarter 2017: Rationale for Optimism

Fourth Quarter 2016: A Different Beginning

Third Quarter 2016: Politics, Politics & More Politics--Enough Already

Second Quarter 2016: The Fiscal Policy Vacuum

First Quarter 2016: Oil and Money and Volatility

Fourth Quarter 2015: DÉJÀ VU

Third Quarter 2015: A Checklist for Financial Markets

Second Quarter 2015: Staying the Course

First Quarter 2015: A Period of Adjustment

Fourth Quarter 2014: A Time of Prosperity

Third Quarter 2014: The Energy Renaissance and King Dollar

Second Quarter 2014: Are Stocks or Bonds "Overvalued"?

First Quarter 2014: The Business Cycle Revisited

Fourth Quarter 2013: Fundamentals Matter

Third Quarter 2013: Living in Better Times

Second Quarter 2013: Prosperity Begins at Home

First Quarter 2013: The Upside of Stability

Fourth Quarter 2012: Prudence and Patience

Third Quarter 2012 Review: Extending the Global Safety Net

Second Quarter 2012: Energy Independence?

First Quarter 2012: Stage Two of a Bull Market

Fourth Quarter 2011: A Tale of Two Markets

Third Quarter 2011: Surviving Global Austerity Part II

Second Quarter 2011: Weathering the Weather

First Quarter 2011: Speed Bumps and Potholes

Fourth Quarter 2010: The Real Secrets of Investing

Third Quarter 2010: Anticipating the Tax Man

Second Quarter 2010: Surviving Global Austerity Part I

First Quarter 2010: Investing Gets Better With Time

Thought Leadership

Recent Perspective

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