About Us

Victoria Capital Management, Inc. is a privately-owned registered investment advisor offering a traditional approach to investment management.

We create customized investment programs for individuals with the goal of building long-term successful relationships. We work closely with other professionals to ensure our clients’ specific needs are achieved. Our 88 years of past experience managing equities and fixed income securities for mutual funds, institutional investors, banks and individuals provides us with the knowledge and background necessary to provide a unique perspective on the management of client assets.

We have developed a personalized, responsive approach to meeting our clients’ financial needs through the power of experience, teamwork, innovation and care. Our investment assets are primarily managed for individuals—including the owners of the firm—and we have distinguished ourselves as a goal-sensitive investment manager for many years.

As a registered investment advisor we have a fiduciary responsibility to put client needs first. We are independent from banks, brokers and insurance companies and do not confront the many potential conflicts of interest that face these representatives who may not be held to such standards.

We utilize a well-known third-party custodian to manage the administrative details of client accounts. Given the recent scandals surfacing in the investment world, our clients are secure in knowing that we only have access to their accounts to place trades and deduct advisory fees. Our compensation is based on assets under management, so our goal is simply to increase the wealth of our clients.

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About Us

The two portfolio managers have 88 years of combined experience managing equities and fixed income securities for institutional investors, banks and individuals. They have been managing the thematic growth equity strategy together since 1994.