Private Client Philosophy

Building wealth for retirement and beyond is a daunting challenge. Two important components determine the amount of savings available allowing you to enjoy your new life in retirement: how much you save and how much you earn on that savings. The first step in that plan should be the decision to engage a registered investment advisor (RIA) to help navigate the numerous investments available today. An RIA is a fiduciary required to act with your best interests in mind. Most other types of “advisors” are not held to this high standard. We provide personalized, focused investment advice where we:

  • Put YOUR interests first
  • Understand YOUR specific financial situations
  • Offer straightforward unbiased advice that reflects YOUR long-term goals
  • Recommend investment solutions that best fit YOUR unique needs
  • Use a fee-based structure that YOU can understand

We have been an independent RIA since founding our firm in October of 2000. We have no ties to banks, brokers or insurance companies. Our two key investment professionals have over 78 years of combined investment experience and have successfully weathered three major bear markets.

The second step is determining how much you need to earn on your savings. We recognize that each client is unique. This difference guides us in developing a personal investment program that is flexible over time and adjusts to changes in both financial markets and personal circumstances. To reach a desired goal the plan must be based on realistic expectations and include analysis of various investment options that can meet these expectations. We strive to ensure client needs are being met through our personal relationship and are committed to achieving client investment goals. Managing wealth is like managing health—you really don’t want to take the risk of doing it all by yourself. Work with a dedicated, independent registered investment advisor like us to achieve your long-term investment goals.

Investment Philosophy

Our capitalist economy provides a unique opportunity to invest and grow wealth by owning the common stocks of incentive driven companies that are likely to rise in value over time and distribute profits to shareholders. This dynamic approach to savings for long-term investors is justified by the historic success of common stock investing through well diversified portfolios of these investments.

A managed portfolio of common stocks can add value over a static benchmark because of a combination of theme-based investing and an ongoing security selection process that adjusts portfolio investments to changing economic and financial market circumstances.

Diversification either through a well-defined stock selection process or through indexed based portfolios of exchange traded funds can minimize the risks associated with individual securities. In the case of common stocks, investment risk is reduced through a careful monitoring of both fundamental and technical factors that affect stock prices. When investing in diversified portfolios of exchange traded funds, diversification among asset classes reduces portfolio risk to the volatility of those asset classes.

About Us

Core Beliefs

As a trusted investment advisor to a select group of affluent individuals and families, our philosophy has been built with these keystones:

Integrity and Continuity

We maintain the highest standards of confidentiality, integrity and professionalism in all matters involving clients. Our independent status removes any possibility of conflicts of interest. Our client relationships coupled with our performance record has led to our growth based on referrals.

Professional Teamwork

We work closely with existing tax and legal professionals to understand a client’s financial situation and to ensure that appropriate investments are made.


Our investment management relationships provide investment guidance for non-taxable assets exceeding $3 billion in addition to managing individual taxable accounts. These relationships demonstrate our credibility as value-added providers of investment strategies. Our strong belief in a “client partnership” has been the key to our success.