Growth Equity

Our theme-based investment strategy for managing growth equity portfolios is our time-tested process for identifying stocks that can contribute to above average portfolio performance.

While the long-term returns of the overall stock market are positive, there are different trends that characterize the shape and structure of bull markets over time. By using our bottom up approach within this strategy we plan to identify both current and future themes that will increase the chances that our portfolios will continue to add value above the returns of the stock market.

Many clients prefer to own individual stocks outright and, through diversification can hold these securities that can be more volatile than a pooled portfolio. Managing individual common stocks requires greater attention to events that can affect stock prices. To minimize the risks associated with individual stocks, the firm uses both a timely selling discipline for individual securities as well as an economic overlay that can be used to reduce exposure to the overall market by holding increased reserves during periods of market weakness. Our experience of holding such reserves during the market declines of 2001 and 2008 attest to the value added of such an overlay.


As independent investment advisors, we can objectively choose from thousands of individual securities based solely on merit.