We have created a distinctive approach to the implementation of investment strategies to build and maintain wealth for clients. 

Our services can best be described as a process whereby each client’s needs are identified relative to three phases characterizing the road to retirement. These phases are very distinctive and serve as the starting point for developing a customized portfolio.

The first phase is accumulation whereby the timing and amount of saving are critical. The longer an individual waits to begin saving for retirement, the more difficult it will be to achieve his or her objective. Our target return portfolios are the optimal vehicle for investors to begin this process because they provide sufficient diversification using both fixed income and equity funds.

The next phase is the transition to retirement. Usually, this phase approximates fifteen years prior to an individual’s desired retirement. This phase involves evaluating accumulated assets, calculating the expected rate of return on those investments and determining whether or not estimated savings will be sufficient to maintain an acceptable level of income in retirement. If there are insufficient funds to achieve a retirement goal, then we work with clients to design a new strategy to achieve their return potential. We continually monitor and update each client’s plan on an annual basis to keep track of clients’ progress. Typically, a growth portfolio can achieve the objectives of an individual at this time.

The final phase is investing in retirement. Retiring is a big decision. Once made, managing an individual’s portfolio requires even more attention to portfolio structure since distributions must be made and growth may be a critical element in order to meet future income needs. A growth & income portfolio works best during this time since active management is necessary to provide peace of mind to an individual when they want to enjoy all that they have worked for. For clients who have successfully built resources in excess of retirement needs, we offer additional strategies for legacy planning.

Why Select Us?

  • Unique portfolio for each client
  • Long-term plan to build wealth while meeting income needs if necessary
  • Short-term portfolio decisions to avoid financial market corrections
  • Performance that has met client expectations
  • Responsiveness to changing financial and economic circumstances
  • Third-party custodian to maintain transparency and security
  • Duplicate accounting to ensure accuracy
  • Low transaction costs
  • Fees based on assets under management

For clients who have successfully built resources in excess of retirement needs we offer additional strategies for legacy planning.